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Vivo NEX 3 UNBOXING - The Limitless mobile phone

Vivo NEX 3 UNBOXING - The Limitless mobile phone

Welcome to the vivo next 3 we're

talking approximately recommendation that hasn't even

been released but I changed into simply handed this

massive black box which contained a

cryptic message and this cellular phone so

these days there are four topics I want to

display you a display no longer like numerous telephone

you have ever visible earlier than a digital digital camera take a look at in

a number of London's most iconic locations

then a tempo evaluation in place of final gen

devices and ultimately to take an infinity

pool image to show off this new shape

problem you may see what I advise in some

mins so the number one thing you are gonna

study right here is show display display screen this detail is

almost all display now I can't reveal

period and specs but you may

in all likelihood tell for yourself that may be a

big cellphone with massive curves s

a good buy sincerely so although you turn the

smartphone on its factor 1/2 of what you're

seeing continues to be show and in comparison to

different curved display telephones the viv

subsequent three on the right

spills about four to 5 times as masses

onto the rims plus one element it is a

little extremely good proper right here is that the body

is actually seamless no bodily

buttons the least bit

you've got were given truly had been given haptic remarks on

the frame of the telephone and it definitely works

quite properly on the proper hand side

you have got got a slight grippy location this is

your digital electricity button and then you definately without a doubt

can use this to enjoy for the amount keys

which may be above and underneath it it

honestly feels almost exactly like

having bodily buttons at the pinnacle

you have got were given a headphone jack as properly

you have got a digital camera pop out which I'll

come to in a second and additionally a secondary

power button for even as one is not sufficient

and right subsequent to that a microphone

which combines with every extraordinary microphone

on the lowest of the mobile telephone truely to pick out

up clearer audio you have got additionally had been given a

unmarried speaker subsequent to that and stale we

went there have been six photos I preferred to

capture in very precise elements of London

the primary one being Covent Garden which

is famous for simply being this large

entertainment purchasing for form of location

anyhow I had been given my photo and the concept of

this assignment is largely to exhibit

the show to expose that it's so

without boundary lines that it almost blends into

the sector round it the following prevent end up

scarcity the vicinity of creatives and

trendsetters and this vicinity is stuffed

with graffiti in order a manner of taking snap shots

its essence I strive taking a photo of that

and that is one in every of my favorites I honestly

like how this grew to come to be out it isn't always a

ideal stop cease result and this is pretty hard

to do because of the reality your telephone is taking pictures

topics from a awesome mind-set to

in which your eyes are seeing them from

subsequent up the shot this is in truth the

tallest building inside the entire United

Kingdom and it's miles round this region wherein

you get a number of the super 5g sign up

the u . S . A . And so that's what I'm

gonna be doing those tempo assessments which

you can see in a minute just on the identical time as

on foot some of the shard and tower

bridge you've got got the Tower of London

which is largely a huge palace and

it's beautiful so I determined to get one

of our images right right here now Tower Bridge is

the best I keep in mind nearly all of you will

have both visited or visible or at the least

heard approximately this is one of the maximum

well-known spots within the whole u . S . A .

Whilst I have become proper right here I in reality imagined to

take  pics due to the truth from Tower

Bridge you may quite an entire lot see the

complete London skyline and I could not

walk past that opportunity proper so now

that we were on this region and we were

getting sturdy 5g sign up some spots

of it it end up a super time to do a 5g

pace check but truly earlier than I bounce into

that a few topics certainly well worth noting the telephone

has a pitcher decrease returned and a completely new

camera tool which I can't say an excessive amount of

about however it's one-of-a-type and it's miles

thrilling so the primary be check changed into the

apparent one I surely pulled up the

pace take a look at software program and in evaluation a 4G

cellphone at the left hand side and a

vivo subsequent 3 on the proper on foot

with 5g and the difference is clearly

10 instances in terms of download speeds the

app then mechanically switches to

sorting out add speeds and at the same time as become

getting run about 10 megabits regular with 2d

on my s10 I became getting in the direction of 30 on

the vivo subsequent three reliably at about 25

so you do no longer want to be counseled that there

is a large bounce in capacity bandwidth

proper here however to test it out a touch bit

more I attempted downloading the identical

software Ark survival developed at the

vivo subsequent three in addition to a 4G device

it had downloaded about a gigabyte

at the identical time due to the fact the opportunity cellular cellphone became round approximately

 hundred megabytes and the following three had

surely completed the downloads thru the

time the opportunity employer is on approximately 20% so

ck I had been given approximately

five instances quicker quit end result at the same time as it comes

to 5g despite the fact that each different truely critical

element is latency or network

conversation put off offering that

you're in a gap with proper insurance

you may test that in comparison to 4G things

surely arise immediately for example

a YouTube video might probable prevent gambling

earlier than the YouTube app itself is even

absolutely loaded it up and I'm notable you could

agree with while you are looking motion pics on

this display the photo just kind of

melts over the edges of the phone kind

of like the curved shows you're used

to but - and

the quantity whilst I end up there I additionally had

a short crack at pop G simply to see how

that shows in this telephone and certain

sufficient it fills every corner of it

each different real worldwide example of 5g locating out

have turn out to be going via Netflix deciding on a 

hour movie and hitting that download

button and right earlier than you in actual time

you could see that during this tiny place of

time I'm doing this voiceover it's fa

already downloaded like 25% now for the

infinity pool picture the idea of that is

that I become gonna get a picture of water

and loaded up on this almost bezel-a lot les

display of the following three I have become then

gonna use every distinctive digicam to capture this

in a way that it looks like I'm surely

sitting in a single of these lovely

infinity swimming swimming swimming pools those that make bigger all

the way to the edge of a building needed to

select up an umbrella without a doubt to diffuse a few

of the mild because it have come to be truly so

harsh presently but I'm pretty satisfied

with the prevent stop result it almost looks as if

you're simply sitting in a pool that is

flowing off the edge of a constructing

conical no that device I've been using

is wonderful pre-manufacturing so now not one of the

software program application and no longer one of the digital digital camera excellent

none of this is final and is all scenario

to likely beautify but even from

what I've seen this looks as if a large

refinement in addition to quite an alpha container

mobile smartphone if you enjoyed this video a

sub might be xtremely desired an

I'm additionally going to leave hyperlinks underneath as

to even as and in which you may find out extra

about the following three the release event is

right away and it is going to be an super

one thanks masses for looking and I will

trap you within the subsequent one